U10 Soccer Positions

U10 soccer games should not focus on positions. While many teams will have players who keep some discipline at the back, most soccer professionals believe that nine year olds playing U10 should focus more on the flow of the game rather than positions. Positions tend to hinder the ability of kids to find themselves in the game – especially with a soccer coaches that pigeon hole their kids in specific positions that prevent developing. Here are some rules I would recommend the following when figuring out the right way to handle positions at U10:

  • Everyone takes turns at Goal Keeper
  • Everyone takes turns at all positions

The primary point of this, and it is hard for many coaches is to allow players to have an equal opportunity at each position and “find” the game based on what they see. If you are looking for specific guidance in what role you should play as a coach read the following from the USSF which states that U10 soccer games should be:

  • free flowing,
  • coach guided, not coach directed,
  • all players on the field participate in defending and attacking

Good luck, and remember that the most important thing is for kids to have fun!